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Since 1994 V&W has carved for itself a path to success and distinction in the Legal, Government, Business, Commercial, and Entertainment industries leaving a trail of satisfied customers which have continued using V&W for all their interpreting and translating needs.

We are a family owned business. Our personalized and professional attention will make you feel that your needs are being taken care of and you can be sure you will recive the VIP treatment you deserve. You are important to us! 

We have all the interpreting and translating solutions for a growing company like yours. We also provide services such as Transcriptions (from the spoken word on video or other type of format) and Transportation upon request.

Our staff takes our clients' concerns and needs very personally. With state of the art and efficient scheduling system, V&W will find for you the interpreter or translator you need at a moment’s notice. Once you contract our services by phone, email, or regular mail you can rest assured we will take care of you. Just leave the interpreting and translating to us!

V&W is in the forefront of the industry for being #1 in Dependability, Responsiveness, Confidentiality, Trustworthiness, and for providing the best interpreters and translators at a price you can afford.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Core Team
Ines White President

| Phone: 310 650 9547

Hi there! My name is Ines White and I am the President of V&W  Enterpises. I have worked in the interpreting and translating industry since 1986 and finally in the early 90"s together with my husband Lehi dlecided to create what is now now as the best Interpreting and Translating Conmpany in California. I am also known as "The Cookie Interpreter" because for many years I took and still do, the most delicious homemade cookies which I made myself out of my own recipe. Jut let me now if you would like to try some of our delicious cookies. Of course give us a call for Interpreting or Translating too! See you soon!

Lehi White, Director

| Phone: 213 999 5730

Hello there, My name is Lehi White also known as "The Cookie Interpreter's husband. I am in charge of overseeing the operations from beginning to end. I will make sure you are a satisfied customer. I also participate in the planning and execution of all the holiday events for our Clients and specially the pizza parties and Smoothies Bashes - Let me know when I can schedule one for your officie!

Emiliano Herrera, Office Manager

| Phone: 213 483 8992

Cristina Castelli - Billing and Collections Manager

Hello There! My name is Emiliano Herrera, but eveyone knows me as EMILIANO! I am the voice behind the phone. I am the one that runs the office and will make sure that your request for our services is being fulfilled the best way possible. I will answer the phone when you call or respond to your emails promptly. I will make sure you feel the warmth and respect that we at V&W have for all our clients. 

Hello there, My name is Cristina Castelli and although my job may seem boring it is an essential part of V&W. I make sure that cash flow is a constant and steady stream. This gives all those that work with us the peace of mind to know that we are a responsible company and pay all those that perform the requested services promptly and in a manner that they deserve.

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